Darwin’s Wet Season Arrives

There was always one sure sign the wet season was beginning in Darwin. In the backyard of my parent’s house it would happen every year after the first good rain finished and the sun came out. The lawn seems to start dancing, twisted and wriggling it’s way towards the sky. The movement is like

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The Preston Three House Party

One sunny Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, I’m out hanging up some clothes on my backyard hills hoist at my house in Preston. My neighbour, Marco, is doing the same thing and he stops for a minute to turn to me and say, “Hey, man… I’m thinking of having a bit of an event here, setup

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The Last of its Kind…

It’s 2001, I’ve been living in Melbourne for less than a year and life is just getting more interesting. I’ve spent some time writing a script for a short film and my plan is to film it this weekend. This poses a few problems; paramount among them is that I don’t even own a still

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The Oz Weather Bureau

So what’s it like to work at the Bureau of Meteorology I hear absolutely nobody ask me. So I’m going to answer it in advance, to avoid the inevitable deluge of questions. The short answer would be pretty fascinating and stimulating most of the time. On an average day you tend to chat with guys

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The Uncle Sams Dude

It’s 1992, you’re in Darwin and it’s after four o’clock on Sunday morning. You’re still going after a night on the piss in town and there’s a few friends with you. There’s two possible places you could be. One is in Squire’s Tavern on Edmunds St right in the city centre. It’s a classic dodgy

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The Truth About Kangaroos


A typical moronic marsupial


This story is dedicated to Vivi who gave me inspiration on a day of blankness.

Kangaroos are dumb. They are one of the stupidest animals ever invented. Have you ever seen a travelling show of performing kangaroos? I don’t think so. The reason is they are too dumb

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You Can’t Remember a Taste.

The strangest part of having a brain injury is you never quite know what the total effects will be, how long any will last and if you will ever recover fully. The most depressing part of my injury was that I completely lost my sense of taste. Along with it went pretty well all my

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The morning after.

I wake with a start, fighting for breath. I’m not sure where I am and I can’t remember how I got here. There is only blackness. I find it incredibly hard to open my eyes and the light seems determined to cut my head in half. The headache I can understand, I know I was

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The Outback Eclipse

This is the week that changed my life and this is the story of the moment of seeing my first Total Solar Eclipse. This is where and when I decided I would travel to see more of them. I’ve seen four now. ——

The wind whips the orange dust into a constant abrasive stream flowing

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