Australian Answers to Global Issues

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So is this important?

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DIRT: A fable for the new millenium

Dirt: A fable for the occupy age.

There was an anthill and it was home for different kinds of ants that all lived and worked together happily. They had worker ants who did all the physical labour. They had thinker ants who came up with all kinds of ideas. They had manager ants who ran everything and they all had one

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Those Evil Christian Terrorists

We all saw on the news recently how a single Christian male terrorist bombed a building in Oslo, Norway to cause a distraction and then drove to an island hosting a large campground meeting and attempted to kill everyone there. He seems to have been fairly successful with a total death toll of 76 from

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Ridin’ Singapore

Gliding past cars parked in queues at traffic lights is one of the many buzzes of riding a bike to and from work in Singapore. They grind to a halt and I fly past, keeping left and out of the grates covering the drains. The grates are just wide enough for my wheel to slip

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Never say never.

I was chatting with Maria a few days ago when I was reminded of that old piece of wisdom, “Never say never”. The reason is simple, if you say that, then you have cursed yourself that one day you will do that thing. Chances are you’ll also want to do it at the time. I

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The Ties that Bind…

The organic bridge

A couple of weeks ago a received an email that showed pictures of a series of amazing bridges in India that are actually grown rather than built. The bridges are grown from the roots of a rubber tree. To make them, the people use betel-tree trunks, sliced down the middle and

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The Monkey’s Epiphany

Calm monkey action.

I suppose you’re wondering where I got the picture of the monkey at the top of the page there. More to the point, the more dedicated observer would notice there are three monkeys that change places each time you come to this website to read stories. Well, the truth is they

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The Chinese Character Part Three: Work, Family and Country

So the next installment is to talk about the Chinese family and work ethics and then the difference between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in these troubled modern times. These answers can all be summarized fairly quickly, so here goes. You must listen to and look after your family at all costs. This especially means

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The Oz Weather Bureau

So what’s it like to work at the Bureau of Meteorology I hear absolutely nobody ask me. So I’m going to answer it in advance, to avoid the inevitable deluge of questions. The short answer would be pretty fascinating and stimulating most of the time. On an average day you tend to chat with guys

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The Chinese Character Part Two: Good Health

Since before the mighty Qin emperor united China into one nation for the first time, the people have quested to find one thing above all others from the natural world; the secret to immortality. Qin Shi Huangdi himself is likely to have died from eating mercury tablets given to him as immortality pills. The stories,

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The Chinese Character Part One: Good Fortune

So a number of people have asked me about what the Chinese people are like and later asked what’s the difference between people from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. So I’m going to write a few entries now to give my definitive answer after long hours of consideration. It can, however, be condensed into

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Escape from Comfort Zone 428

Jenny’s giggling like a schoolgirl holding up five fingers while she says, “I’ve got five now!” She’s talking about the boxes of party toys they’re handing out at the door of this nightclub as a part of their festive season promotions. Inside each one is a whistle with a light inside it, a confetti popper,

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Travel Blues

There comes a point in a long journey when travelling doesn’t provide the enjoyment you think it should. When you feel more inclined to stay in your room and watch films than go and see yet another tourist destination. Even meeting people wears thin. Always the same questions and answers in the ritual of greeting.

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Small suburban temple near Tainan

I’m staring at the temple with a new mix of emotions. Amazement, wonder, disappointment, disbelief and finally anger. I’m in Jiufen in northeastern Taiwan and this temple is like nothing I’ve seen in five months of travel across China. The entranceway pillars are carved from

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The Sichuan Dining Experience

There’s nothing quite like it. The outright assault of flavour sensations that refuse to step back for a moment. Chongqing hotpot is the hottest, craziest version of Sichuan dining. It’s an oil and water bath filled with a dastardly combination of spices to create a sensual eating explosion. The hotpot container itself is set into

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The Three Kingdoms Tour of China Part 2: The Wu Kingdom

Sun Quan (left) and Sun Ce

So let’s meet the Wus.  Actually Wu is just the name of the kingdom that they form in the southern part of the Han empire.  The real surname to watch is Sun (pronounced Soon, but quickly).  Sun Ce (pronounced Tser) is the ruler of the area when the

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Addiction and Habit

So I’m addicted to food. I can’t live without it, my life seems empty if it’s not there. The flavours, the textures, the sensations of eating and then of being full fill me with pleasure. Oh Thai food is the most evil habit I picked up. Luxurious and complex flavours arriving in a cascade of

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The Construction of Fear

There’s a horrific tearing sound and the shriek of metal being tortured and twisted fills my ears. I have one moment to glance out the window before being flung clear into the icy atmosphere; surrounded by the final screams of everyone onboard. The last thing I will remember is the abject terror on the face

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My Rakastani Heart

“Bir chok sok bira lutfen”, I pronounce carefully. “What?” “Yeah, that’s how you ask for a very cold beer in Turkish.” Tanya giggles then continues, “So that’s the thing you can say in seven different languages?” “Yup.. think it might be more now…but it’s been the most useful thing to learn for some reason.” “What

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The Ritual

The young woman is sobbing to herself when I notice her at a table in the busy restaurant I’m sitting in. The staff are carefully avoiding her as best they can. She doesn’t seem to notice anyone anyway, adrift on an endless ocean of despair. I could just wander off and assume she’s broken up

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