Hot Angkot Action!

“Terminal, Terminal Terminal”, I call to the people on the street; letting them know where my angkot is going.

Hot Driver Action!

My Angkot is almost full for the fourth time today. Maybe I’ll earn enough to take my girlfriend somewhere nice on the weekend. Or maybe buy some more amulets to sit on the dashboard and make better luck for my business. People like it when you have something special about your Angkot. I know Bambang has the blue lights inside his and makes more money at night than me. It looks good and I suppose people can see better inside. Oh damn. Petrol is almost down to nothing again. It’s okay, I’m almost at Rini’s spot now, I can get petrol here.

The small green minivan pulls to a sudden stop by the side of the road in central Bogor. It’s an overcast day in western Java and the rain could break at anytime. Everyone knows the rain gods love Bogor and bring their water here almost every day. Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta surges with activity just 60 kilometres to the north, but up here at the start of the mountains, things are calmer and the temperature is at least five degrees cooler. The aged local man sees the van stop and begins preparing his tin and funnel to dispense petrol to the Angkot driver.

Suparjo is ready as ever to keep me moving as quick as possible. He measures out my five litres into the tin and I notice he fills it a little higher and smiles at me as he shows me to check. I nod and he moves the funnel into my fuel tank and starts pouring. I hand him his money and get back on the road in under a minute. A great pit stop for a busy driver like me. It’s a shame the next corner is the start of the markets and we go slow as I try to pick a way through the other angkots and keep my seats full. I get through the markets with a whole new set of passengers, this is going to be a great day.

The most common view in traffic...

Now the big intersection outside Botani Square is coming up and the other drivers are jamming it in every direction. I come to a stop to wait for the traffic light and Aseb comes towards me carrying his tray of goodies. I buy one Gudang Garam cigarette from him and he lights it for me as we both wait for the lights to change. At the last minute two boys jump on and one starts playing the ukulele as the other sings a popular song. I think they’re chasing the white tourist who just got on, they tend to tip the musicians better. I turn and see the open road of Pajajaran and try to finish the loop quickly to start the next one and earn more money.

My angkot is empty by the time I get to Hero shopping centre, but it fills straight away and I run to finish the loop. The two policemen sit calmly at their roadside stand and I’m ready to give them the money on this circuit.  The rain just begins as I finish another profitable loop and my weekend is looking better every minute!

Party Angkot!

Boarding at night...


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