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Dhugal Fletcher is a writer who has been undercover in the I.T world for fifteen years. Having done my time as a normal professional I realised it was time to set free the flying robot monkeys from their holding cages and start work on the orbiting battlestations that will bring me world domination.  If you would like to be a part of the global revolution, just click the flying money and he’ll fly to me with your kind donation.  I’ll probably just fritter it away on robotics kits and wings during these early years, but I’ll remember you once the battlestations are complete.

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From humble beginnings growing up in Darwin (REAL Australia) I spent many years living in Melbourne, Perth and Singapore.  I’ve also wandered through various countries chasing four Total Solar Eclipses. I’ve been a keen festival participant and contributor, have written, directed, performed and sung my way through many theatre shows, I’ve travelled in China and Tibet for half a year, climbing mountains, wandering jungles and having beers with the locals.  I’ve seen Everest at sunset, cooked Thai Green Curry for forty people at a party and argued politics with Syrian Christians. I’ve half converted Mormon missionaries to a life of hedonism and crossed Russia from St Petersburg to Vladivostok on the REAL Trans-Siberian train line; stopping in a number of cities – especially Novosibirsk for that Total Solar Eclipse.

So while work on the master plan is underway I decided to capture some interesting stories from my existence as a collection of mutually exclusive stereotypes. So what you can find are moments from travelling, living, exploring and pushing my feeble body into further decay. And beer and penguins. It’s always been about beer and penguins really.  Except for the flying robot monkeys; they are the masterplan!!